Reasons Companies Should Switch to Online Assessments

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Online Assessment - 06-04-2020

Reasons Companies Should Switch to Online Assessments

At first glance, digitization provides unlimited convenience for all users. From the personal to the structural level, organizations can enjoy the ease of interacting, working and processing in the digital world. At the same time, digitalization also changes the overall business model and offers benefits such as new revenue opportunities.

The recruitment process is one aspect of the business that has been affected by changes in the company's business model. A number of hiring experts stated that one of the biggest obstacles in the recruitment process in the digital world is the adaptation that the recruiting team needs to do in order to adapt to the rapid change caused by digitization.

Quoting Michelle Hawkins, Senior Healthcare Recruiting Specialist, and Team Lead at Talent Care on The Ladder website, "one of the biggest obstacles in the recruitment world is that the employee seekers (or hiring managers) don't work as if they (themselves) also need applicants." With that in mind, many recruiters still use the traditional recruitment process, which takes months, eventually losing potentially the best candidate they could have ever had.

Speed is the first and foremost reason why companies should switch to using an online assessment platform from now on. The SMART Platform from ASI Asia Pacific offers a centralized assessment process through a cloud-based platform. Thus, the entire assessment phase of each candidate can be monitored directly by the system’s user which means your company can get the best candidates from anywhere and at anytime.

Successfully placing the best candidates in the right position also means an increased company performance.

The digital world offers convenience as well as many more other benefits. However, adjusting the capabilities you have is the key to obtaining the benefits of digitalization. Using the SMART Platform helps you to Making HR Simple — whilst getting the best candidates at the same time.